“coupons Subscribe” by Brutish

Here’s a new spam tactic – rather than pull entire passages from literature, why not just grab the important nouns and verbs? For example, I got this today:

oak falls dissolves heap ashes fire consumed king. Then itself. implies examining examine prior Indeed election unanimous minority submit choice majority wish vote behalf something unanimity occasion least. SOCIAL COMPACT SUPPOSE reached point obstacles resources disposal state. changed manner engender forces existing ones formation

case divided. enter upon task without proving subject. asked prince write politics. answer neither why so. If were should not waste time saying wants doing hold peace. As born citizen free

It goes on, but you get the idea. Reading it, I noticed some conceptual continuity, as though there were a writer stabbing at something, gasping the important words as if out of breath. I Googled the first few words and found that they were extracted from Rousseau’s The Social Contract.

2 thoughts on ““coupons Subscribe” by Brutish”

  1. I recently saw a summary at Slashdot about a Wall Street Journal article that stated that spammers are now sending stuff like this, but without any commercial pitch thrown in. The apparent intent is to set up spam filters to take a fall later, although I don’t see how it would work.

    Anyway, here’s the link.

  2. I was actually about to post a comment asking if you had any inclination as to what the purpose of such SPAM might be, but the Heath answered my question.

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