Help I’m a Rock

I just bought two tickets to the Halloween Zappa Plays Zappa date in New York City at Madison Square Garden theatre. Frank Zappa’s Halloween shows were always something special and Dweezil’s Zappa Plays Zappa tour is going very well, so I think this gig should be something worth traveling for. Plus I need a vacation.

Yesterday I bought a new car battery because my previous one died yesterday in the Guitar Center parking lot, which was probably God’s way of saying I shouldn’t have just plunked down $1650 for an Eric Johnson signature strat just minutes before. Yes I bought another guitar. BUT…Banjo Center has a 30-day money back guarantee so this is really just a test drive. Now that I know I’m doing this NY trip I’ll probably take the guitar back. But it’s so sweeeet.

I went to Sears Auto Center for the new battery and they give you those today-only $5 coupons for the Sears store and that was convenient since I REALLY needed to buy some new shoes. So. Yesterday, new battery, shoes and guitar. Oh, and dog meds for Zoe, who had to wait in the back of the car at Guitar Center while Randall came over with a battery charger. Good thing I parked in the shade.