Why spread it out over time when you can have it all now? Here are some live and rare tracks from some of my favorite people:

NOTE: Bandwidth increased, tunes re-uploaded.

3 thoughts on “Download/Overload”

  1. I’m working my way through these now. The Sugarbomb live cut is, unsurprisingly, fantastic. I expected no less given the harmonies on ‘Bully,’ though.

  2. The choir sings again in the church of Saint Buckley. He plays and sings like it were a prayer or a hymn.

    Way way nice cuts. Always been a big big fan of ‘Girlfriend’, and to hear it while it’s still a baby. Verrrry nice.

    This Jellyfish song was on the very first tape a very dear friend made for me 2 months after we met back in 1996…how nice to hear it again.

    more please…..

  3. Really happy to come across this page… love, love, love, sugarbomb (somehow robbed of a huge career, sigh) jeff buckley, jellyfish and matthew sweet (ok, travis tends to get a little too wussy for me 😉
    So, thanks for posting these rare gems!

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