The Literary Festival of Arkansas

Ordinarily I’m not a huge fan of sitting still for hours at a time listening to people read and talk, but the Literary Festival was a great deal of fun. Good consumer that I am, I bought five books:

The Coast of Akron by Adrienne Miller
The Song Reader by Lisa Tucker
The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier
I’ll Take You There by Bill Friskics-Warren
These People Are Us by George Singleton

I attended discussions by each author, and found their presentations to be compelling enough to buy their books (and have them signed), so while I can’t say I recommend the books yet, I can at least say I found them to be interesting and entertaining people.

I’m also curious to know why I didn’t see any of my friends down there – where was everybody? Did y’all not hear about it? I guess I didn’t pester people enough.
Oh, I also had a private party gig with Amnesia Saturday night. We played much longer than usual and wore me out. And after getting up Sunday morning to do yardwork, I’m surprised I’m still awake right now. I had planned to go see John Corbett (actor/singer from Northern Exposure, Sex in the City, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding) tonight at Juanita’s but I’m too tired. Coincidentally I’m watching some episodes of Northern Exposure right now.

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  1. john corbett was at juanitas??!! i heart john corbett! though i, as you mentioned, also hate the i heart phrase it does fully describe my need to bottle that man up in a jar and keep him as my own.

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