The 80’s Movie Quiz

Josh and his apparently insane co-workers at the Harrison Daily Times put together this mammoth 80’s Movie Quiz. Download it if you dare. It’s painful[1]. Be forewarned that I only got about half of them right. This thing goes deep, and most of the ones I got wrong were from films I’ve never seen or only seen in parts. Post a comment if you want the answer key and I’ll email it to you.

1.) “What do we love?? PAIN!!”

4 thoughts on “The 80’s Movie Quiz”


    Also, someone needs to get on the ball with a 90s Movie Quiz. I’d be on the ball with that one.

  2. Came back to the stick today and to my wonderment…a movie quiz. Reminenscent of our trek to the dam goode food place. I printed out the quiz and started answering the questions like the robot that I am. I then said to myself “self, how do I know if my answers are correct?” I happily finished reading your post and saw that you had the teacher’s edition. If you would forward a copy to my office, I would be forever in debt to you. I will now have months of movie quotes to spit at my colleagues. Here’s an idea! Instead of battle raps. Battle quotes!! I want to MADE on MTV.

    take care
    John Todd III

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