Heineken, Funnel Cakes and NIN

Much rocking out last night at the Nine Inch Nails show at Alltel Arena. Margot came down from Fayetteville with an extra ticket, so hooray for free concerts. I felt perfectly justified spending $9 on a beer and a funnel cake. I’m really surprised the arena allows funnel cakes – it’s nigh impossible not to make a complete mess of yourself and your seat. By the time you’re done, you look like you’ve just left the VIP room of a Miami disco circa 1979, you’re so sticky and covered in white powder. They should have served funnel cakes at Studio 54; it would have made it that much more difficult for cops to raid the place. Why of course I’m not covered in blow, officer…
Also cool: the NIN website features a picture of each town the tour is currently in – check it out.

Incidentally, Pretty Hate Machine is over 16 years old now. Does that qualify it for classic rock status yet?

One thought on “Heineken, Funnel Cakes and NIN”

  1. Dude, I was at that NIN show and it was amazing. I had lower level tickets (that’s what happens when you wait to buy ’em, and you’re too poor to seek out a scalper), but being in the same room as Trent & Co. was…wow. I’ve gotta say, though, that Saul Williams blew me away. I thought he was a stage tech at first ’cause the house lights were still on, but by the end of his too brief set I was speechless. UNBELIEVABLE! Even though NIN had a few not-so-tight guitar moments (missed chords, uncontrolled and excrutiating feedback), that show was more than worth the two-week bout of bronchitis I endured after sprinting five blocks in freezing mist through the ghetto.

    Oh, and nice site by the way.

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