Listen to Yourself Churn

Anyone offended by discussions of a gastrointestinal nature may want to skip this entry.

As I approach the 30 year mark on this planet, some physiological changes have made themselves known. I have grey hairs. I hunt them down and kill them, not a big deal. My joints pop more often, so I’m taking glucosamine. The biggest problem, though, and one over which I have no control, is the abdominal noise. The churning after a meal is far noisier than the grumbling beforehand. I can’t stand it. It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat, although a taco salad from Hardee’s was apparently a big mistake today. Does anyone else have this problem, and do you have any recommendations to alleviate it? Do I need a colonic or something?

One thought on “Listen to Yourself Churn”

  1. I just hit 28 and I’ve noticed the same thing. We could just say it’s a manly thing and laugh about it, maybe give it a cute appellation.

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