My First Liner Notes

My friend and hero Ross Rice has just released his long-long-awaited second album, Dwight. For heaven’s sake, buy it. He’s awesome. The link has samples of the tunes, as does the website I maintain, and the myspace page. I’m particularly excited about this album because it marks my first mention in an album’s liner notes! And I’m in there twice! It’s such a little music nerd fetish…my name is right next to John Fields[1]!

So between jamming with a former Yes keyboardist last week, and now this, I’ve sufficiently jazzed the little music geek inside me for several months. Although last night would have made a neat trifecta, as I played a gig for Ducks Unlimited at the Doubletree Hotel, and there were rumors that governor Mike Huckabee might want to play bass with us. So I brought my Rickenbacker just in case. Sadly no Huck by start time. I almost bumped into him at the dinner, though.

1.) Collaborator with Andy Sturmer from Jellyfish, among many, many others.