5 Days and Still Out of It

I got up today and decided to run errands despite still feeling like I have a pillow strapped to my head. This was a mistake. First I went to the post office to pick up a registered letter that was delivered around Christmas, but the line for the service desk was almost to the door. Screw that. So I went to the office to pick up my check and work on the Austin pictures. I remembered the camera but forgot the USB cable. Dammit. Taking this as a sign that I should not have left the house, I decided to forgo all my other errands and simply deposit my check, buy groceries, and stay home.

Back from the Dead

I finally have the energy to sit in front of a computer and type. Since Tuesday I’ve been down for the count with cold/flu/whatever. Wednesday was Mucus Day. Thursday was fever from hell. Today was sleeping and eating again. My house is a mess. I went to work Tuesday but left after lunch, and haven’t been out of the house since. I also haven’t shaved. I was really looking forward to putting up a massive Austin New Year’s Eve blog/plog entry, but I just haven’t had the energy. Maybe tomorrow.