“Who Are Those Guys?”

Paul Newman asks repeatedly in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, “who are those guys?” That was my overriding impression when I started thumbing through the gallery at Little Rock Blog. If anyone needed more support for the idea that all white people look the same, take a look at the people on those pages. They’re all terribly beautiful by modern standards, but I’ll be darned if I can tell any one from the other. All the girls have the same hair and faces. It’s Stepford-esque. The guys are all similar, too. And everyone smokes light cigarettes and drinks light beer. Can a brother not get a stout and a Lucky Strike once in a while?

I’m not just saying this as a nerd looking at the cool kids[1], I’m saying this as someone who is continually fascinated by human behavior and social interaction. The homogeneity is weirding me out, plus the fact that I don’t know any of these people even tangentially. I never realized what a vast social circle exists in Little Rock with which I have no connection whatsoever.

I just noticed the tag line “image is everything” underneath the page header. Apparently that’s the case.

1.) Because there is probably an element of that to it.

3 thoughts on ““Who Are Those Guys?””

  1. Man, most of those women look like hos. Sometimes I really don’t miss Little Rock.

    (But sometimes I really do, especially with New Year’s coming up and considering how much more fun it would be to hang out at a famous Colter party instead of playing poker at my aunt’s.)

  2. Heather is right! Were those pictures taken at a brothel? Wait, it could be a house party at UALR…in which case they could be co-eds who are also prostitutes.

  3. The un-corrected redeye and the fact that almost all the photos are posed the same way probably contributed to your disorientation.

    I don’t know why people always take the stupid “head butt at the center of the frame” shot, but I wish they’d stop. They’re making Jesus cry.

    Anyway, you should take it as a good sign that you don’t know any of these people. It means you can still expand your social circle. The last few times I visited Little Rock, I found the scene a tad too socially incestuous for my taste.

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