Oh the Wells Fargo Wagon is A-Coming Down the Street…

Somehow a song about “the UPS truck” doesn’t quite fit. Maybe someone needs to update The Music Man. Anyway, shiny red keyboard goodess is all mine!


It’s a 61-key, Nord Electro 2. It does all the old cool organ and keyboard sounds: Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes, Hammond, etc., in addition to standard piano sounds. And it doesn’t do a thousand crappy useless keyboard-programmer-wank sounds like so many companies make. It does a few classic sounds and does them exceptionally well. This is the best Christmas ever.

2 thoughts on “Oh the Wells Fargo Wagon is A-Coming Down the Street…”

  1. You will love this keyboard… I’ve been playing Isaac’s in the Kevin Kerby band– really great action and sounds. I have to say the interface is oddly complicated for machine with so few sounds. Probably fine in the studio, but a real pain in the ass live. Time to program some presets…


  2. I’m totally in love with it. The controls took a little getting used to, but compared to so many keyboards with LCD displays, scroller wheels, and whatnot, this thing is a breeze. It may seem like it has few sounds on the surface but with the organ sliders and the effects (particularly the auto wah), I’m already lost in great tones. Plus I’ve started running it through my guitar amp with my Whammy pedal and Line 6 Delay modeler….hours of family fun.

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