Scenes From a Four Day Weekend

I strangely don’t feel rested after four days off. I drove to Harrison Thursday morning, Zoe in tow, and since my family wasn’t gathering until Friday (the siblings’ in-laws have dibs on Thanksgiving) we went to the park to play frisbee and meet up with Becky. The winds increased so we had to go somewhere else. Where does one go in Harrison, Arkansas, on Thanksgiving Day? Wal-Mart of course. We ate lunch at McDonald’s and piddled around in the toy department. The weather improved so we went over to my old elementary school’s playground, and then to Maplewood cemetary (why? well, why not?) before adjourning to our respective family dinners.

Friday I goofed off at the local music stores, and had lunch with the family. I left for Little Rock not long after, as I wanted to get back in time for the big Localist Launch Party. Localist is now officially an online operation in its entirety. The first issue features my review of the new Lyrics Born CD. The next issue will feature my Boondogs piece and another review, or so I’m told.

Saturday I drove to Stuttgart to play their enormous annual Wings Over the Prairie Duck Gumbo Cook-Off. It may well have been the largest audience I’ve played for; the place was packed and there was a vaguely frat-party/Madis Gras vibe to the proceedings. We played from 1PM to 5PM and it wore me out. Superflux has no other gigs on the calendar right now, so let me know if anybody needs a cover band for an office party.

And of course there are pictures of everything at the plog. This marks the first plog I’ve set up at home, using the GIMP on my VAIO laptop. I’m still getting used to the GIMP; I need to redo several pictures because I saved them at too low a resolution. But I’m tired now.

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