New Developments in Spam Poetry

This being our fifth installment of spam poetry, I felt it necessary to create a category for it; see lower left for the past examples. This latest chestnut gives evidence that robot poetry has already moved into its post-modern/experimentalist phase of development. Whereas human poetry took hundreds of years to develop this sort of approach, automated spam robots got here in about 5 years.

“Eat your own dog food – Weasel by sleep”
carry the have it if ! only or.
tell and away but does in warm it’s a not shall , Cow the ten in I on found and me some.
round be drink it full the brown try said it upon it’s Pants !.
hurt the is not the and be ,.
there it’s my , this a those ! been , little it’s going see away not then in round some Chicken may.
fall may Chia-pet be it may said it and may been it get some.
play not round on my it warm the.
or in must some found may use or carry or gave on from it of , both try not and Eskimo try.
go not pull not warm may brown the these but my a never in.

2 thoughts on “New Developments in Spam Poetry”

  1. Here’s a good one I got today – particularly for its use of “Spork.” Sounds kind of e.e. cummings-y.

    warm on don’t may when on of on.
    hot be after may let try buy may be or Dastardly try say a give some round on what it’s never in.
    every on an not new on can on would the good see want not.
    do a up try very ! hold not.
    Mutant the draw but Smörgåsbord in which the these but Spork or you some ran it’s into or me some how in.
    try some see but far but ate it a ! to on hot may.
    Emu some every be myself ! said be.
    Goat or came ! open it’s in may then in like it come and went and hold in say try her it’s.
    only it’s Banana a a , slow ! again try not the there try.

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