Achewood Blogs and Yarn Lust

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the comic strip Achewood before, but I’ve recently discovered that each character in the strip has his or her own blog. What a weird world we live in where there are blogs written by cartoon characters. Roast Beef‘s blog today was amusing as it seemed to plug into Amy’s blog about yarn lust.

Uh huh so it seems a thing, based on my research, is that younger ladies are all into knitting now. It is like sort of a backlash or something, after all that 80s and 90s stuff where a lady had to prove that she was also a man.

Of course, Amy has always been a domestic engineer supreme. And software engineer. And poet. And writer. And amateur phrenologist.

One thought on “Achewood Blogs and Yarn Lust”

  1. I find it odd that the little hobby I picked up during college is suddenly the ‘new’ and ‘in’ thing. My grandmother taught me crochet when I was about ten, and by the time I was fifteen, there really wasn’t a lot left to learn, so I dropped the hobby.

    I kept hearing that knitting was far more flexible and inventive, so the first semester of my junior year, I picked up a pamphlet and started teaching myself. It helped me through an incredibly stressful semester, but I got the *oddest* looks.

    I love the creativity inherent in knitting. Every type of fiber has its own characteristics, and there’s a subtle art in matching fiber to stitch pattern to overall project. Choose carefully, and what you create are usable works of art — showy or subtle depending on your choices.

    As for ‘backlash’ — I don’t know about that. I’m not really sure I care. I am who I am, contradictions and all, and I don’t have to prove my femininity (or, truth be told, my frequent lack of it) to anyone. Though it’s nice to not have to ask for help when I decide to build a new CD rack for us. 😀

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