Oops I Did It Again

Another $150 black Ibanez 7-string came my way today. This time with hard case. How could I not get it? What a steal! I was having lunch with Natalie at Vino’s and she mentioned that her friend Clint was selling his, so I called him and checked it out. It’s in even better condition than the other one I’ve got. Of course this one was made in Korea rather than Japan, but who’s counting? [1]

We got my brother Trey married off yesterday. I was a groomsman for the first time. Tons of family members came in. Rehearsal dinner was Friday. The ceremony was at 1PM Saturday at St. Paul’s United Methodist in the Heights. Reception at the event hall inside the train station. Pictures soon. The groomsmen all had a lot of fun watching the sad, sad Razorbacks game in the church meeting room before the wedding. After the reception, Heather, my sister Mandy, cousin Leslie, and myself went downtown to find something to do, and found the Dave Matthews Tribute Band playing at Sticky Fingerz. I highly recommend this group. The drummer absolutely nails it. You can get by on sax, bass, guitar or violin in a DMB cover band, but you cannot front on Carter Beauford. You have to have serious chops to play his stuff. My old drummer friend Thelton came out for the show and we totally geeked out on the drummer’s performance. We talked to the guy afterward and he said this sort of thing wasn’t his usual bag – he has been a gospel drummer for 22 years (the guy couldn’t be older than 30). The sax guy sat with us during the break, too. His background is classical. Interesting bunch.

1.) For those of you playing at home, we have now hit the 17 guitars mark. Or 16 since the Turser tele is in Austin with Tara. Or 15 if you count the Atomic Strat being at Barry’s for the kids to bang on. Anybody want to buy the purple OLP?