Distilled Internet: The Haters

Digg.com is a fun site for tech/geek news headlines. It’s like Slashdot, but maybe not as esoteric. Also, the comments tend to lack the erudition of Slashdot, or the cleverness of Fark. A recent article caught my eye, MySpace Creates Own Record Label, and clicking on the comments revealed one of the quintessential examples of nerd loser/haters I’ve ever seen.

An important part of the Internet for many many people is dissing things. Whether it’s movies, music, technology or what have you, there’s invariably a cadre of people with apparently only the highest standards of taste. Reading through their incisive commentary on the relative merits of MySpace, I can only assume these are people who haven’t had the same fantastic experiences with MySpace that I have had: meeting amazing people, finding new favorite bands, and generally exercising creativity via virtual community.

Certainly for nerds, MySpace has its disontents. People who attempt to spruce up their pages with various HTML editing programs generally fail horribly. And the population of users tends to lean toward insufferably annoying teenagers, but that certainly is no fault of MySpace.

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