Updates at Google Maps

Last time I checked Google Maps, they were pretty crusty over Europe, but now they’ve definitely improved. Although still without street maps or any kind of text references, the satellite photos of Paris and London are pretty neat. That London link shows St. Dunstan’s, the church featured on the last day of the UK Travelogue.

Something else to check out – the renovation of Battersea Power Station (sans roof). Pink Floyd might recognize it.

Also I realized I hadn’t checked out San Francisco. If you click that link, be aware that I walked from the upper right of your screen to the lower left. Sometimes I impress even myself.

One thought on “Updates at Google Maps”

  1. *smile* I walked in a slightly different direction, but we did essentially the same thing.

    I would’ve loved to have had you there with me when I did it, because I think we liked the city for a lot of the same reasons. 🙂

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