Various Things

Adnan came over a couple of days ago; he went to his apartment in New Orleans last weekend to find the roof had caved in and his refrigerator had its own ecosystem. He managed so salvage some personal items like wedding photos, etc. Today he’s off to Houston to catch up with the Tulane people. I think they’re setting up shop in Houston for a few months. Here are some Flickr pictures that give you an idea of what people like Adnan are coming back to in New Orleans.

My office has something of an infestation of fruitflies (Shane and I eat bananas a lot, so it’s probably our fault), so I figured I’d try my mom’s mosquito solution: a bowl of water with some lemony dish soap in it. Sure enough the little bastards flocked to it and died. Yay home remedies.

But the biggest news is that someone who owes me a lot of money from back in 2002 is going to pay me back with interest. $1400 plus. This should safely finance the new computer I’ve been trying to build for awhile.