“That’s My Uncle Colter. He’s Cool.”

Those were the words of my nephew Austin to a friend of his as I walked by them and into my grandmother’s house in Harrison yesterday. With nothing planned for my Labor Day weekend I figured I’d drive home for a day or two. I left Sunday monring around 10 and soon realized…I’m a dog owner now[1]. I can’t just leave for a couple days without making arrangements for her care. Cats are easy; give them a pile of food and a litter box and they’re good for 2, maybe 3 days. The dog is not so easy. DeLaine called me on the road and reminded me of that. So I came back early this morning, praying that Zoe had not left an enormous puddle of urine on the kitchen floor. She hadn’t; the house was absent of any vengeful reprisal for my 24-hour absence. My short trip was enjoyable, however, as I had lunch with my friend Becky and we wandered aimlessly around the area in search of unusual photographic subjects (new plog soon). We also went to see “Red Eye,” which was surprisingly good. I had dinner with the family and hung out on my sister’s porch with my mom. As a combined Christmas and birthday gift to the two of them, I’m taking them to see The Rolling Stones in March.

Saturday was enjoyable as well. Kathy accompanied me to my gig in Hot Springs, which went swimmingly.

I learned an important lesson driving home this morning. If you’re going to drive south during the mid-morning hours for a couple hundred miles, wear sunscreen on the left side of your face, neck and arm. On a clear day you’re essentially getting blasted with sunlight. I wore a shirt on my head for the last half hour of the trip. Bleah.

1.) Technically “dog guardian,” as Matt will be back for Zoe sometime; I just don’t know when.

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  1. Wow….I feel special….I made one of your blogs! It was a good time. Such as last night…..but you can’t go wrong with ‘Almost Famous’….the director’s cut! WOOHOO!!

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