Bob Moog 1934-2005


Dr. Robert Moog invented the modern synthesizer. He stands alongside Les Paul and Leo Fender as an inventor who changed the sound of popular music.

By the way, his name is pronounced like “rogue” rather than with the “moo” sound. My high school physics teacher met him once.

One thought on “Bob Moog 1934-2005”

  1. Sorry to hear of Bob Moog’s passing. I remember listening with intense fascination to “Switched on Bach” performed by Wendy (neé Walter) Carlos on a Moog. A sheer joy.

    I honestly don’t know what else or who else was really into Moogs; however, I’m sure Colter can enlighten me. Also, I must have been asleep when Mrs. Chew spoke of meeting Bob Moog. I’m just sure I would have perked up for such details.

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