I kept myself busy this weekend cleaning house and car. My car is a 2001, and until last Saturday I had never vacuumed it. The driver’s side mat took 4 minutes of spray-washing. Bleah. I also took Zoe to the vet because she’s constantly scratching, wearing away the fur on her hind quarters and tail. Turns out she has some bacterial infection so we got her some meds and I gave her a bath with some special shampoo and she seems a lot better already.

The door to my bedroom doesn’t fully shut (ah old houses) so these animals that live with me keep sneaking in and sleeping on my bed, depositing massive amounts of fur and dirt thereunto. The other bedroom’s door does fully shut, and now that I have the option, I have switched bedrooms. I moved into the back bedroom and transferred all my music stuff to the front bedroom. I spent most of Sunday hanging posters and I even went to Target to buy some blinds. I couldn’t figure out the instructions, so I just tied them to my curtain rod with several loops of kite string. Bob Vila probably wouldn’t approve, but hey it works. Pictures of my new playground here, here and here.

4 thoughts on “Productivity”

  1. Yeah, that’s how we roll in Colter-land: Climb a mountain to avoid a molehill.

    Seriously, though, I tried fixing the door. It’s warped, and rather than replace it, I figured I’d just move.

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