Unlikely Developments on the Marconi

Jason added a comment to one of my older entries about the format of FM101.1 here in town. He gave a link to an MSN story entitled, “Increasingly, stations move toward variety.”

There’s an unlikely headline. Everything I know about radio is seemingly refuted by this development. It’s a paradox, a conundrum, and I am flummoxed. Radio stations are experimenting with…diversity. Not the same old homogenous, bland formatting of the most chart-topping pablum, but a gloriously random mishmash of lesser-known favorites and hits. You say you want a revolution? Corporate radio, in a panic to compete with iPods and satellite radio, seems ready to deliver.

What are some other similarly unlikely headlines? “MTV Plays Video,” “Pope Promotes Prophylactics,” “Republicans Balance Budget,” “Michael Jackson Dates a Black Woman.” If you’re bored, make up some of your own and post them as comments.