I am Lane Meyer

You know that scene in Better Off Dead where John Cusack has been dumped and he’s driving along and every song on the radio is a breakup song? That happened to me this morning, except that every song came from the same album, in this case one of my all-time favorites, Sugarbomb’s Bully. I had never noticed that the record is populated almost exclusively by breakup songs. Witness:


Waiting for the phone to ring (refrain x 3)
and I hope it will be you


One thing’s for sure
What I would give to simply open my door
And see your smiling face

“Mail Order Girlfriend”

It’s over I feel it
She’ll never come visit

“What a Drag”

What a drag how people change
Once you really get to know them

It gets even worse when you get into “Poster Child for Tragedy” so I’ll spare you that one. Suffice it to say that the defunct Dallas band made one of the great one-album wonder classics. If you can find a copy, it has my highest recommendation.