Spiraling: Out of Control

Last night I went to see a gig I helped hook up: Spiraling at Sticky Fingerz. Tom, Marty, Bob and Paul are all so insanely talented, humble, fun guys. They gave me several CDs and I bought as much as I could. After the show I led them to the nearest Motel 6, conveniently located next to my office. Then I led them to a party over Sherman St. where the Localist boys were having their last big hurrah before Davey departs for superstardom. I talked at length with Tom about his tenure in Yes, wherein he made a big splash by getting a reluctant Steve Howe to perform “Owner of a Lonely Heart” for the Yes Symphonic Live DVD and tour. Tom played the Trevor Rabin guitar solo so Steve wouldn’t have to. That’s what a great guy Tom is – not only can he play the keyboard like a maniac, but he’s also a diplomatic, thoughtful guy (unlike some people). Best part for me was getting to talk music with him, Bob and Marty. Turns out Bob is an insane guitar player as well, with some shred-monkey roots like mine. Marty is a fellow Jellyfish freak. Later on, we took them to Heather’s porch where they showed me the chords to “Girl on Top of the Piano” and I impressed them with hatchet-job versions of “Mediterranean Sundance” and random Steve Morse tunes on Heather’s neighbor’s 12 string guitar (minus 1). Good times.

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