Welcome Arkansas Times Readers

So now the harsh light of publicity will shine upon this site and not inconsequential numbers of people might actually read this stuff. Some of the golden anonymity I usually enjoy will wear off, at least for a few weeks. By all means, click the icons at left to take a look around the site, and nevermind the fact that this page looks a bit different from the rest. Heath recently installed WordPress for me, and it’s so much more convenient than duct taping the site together as I previously had been. Be sure to check out the Photolog (Plog) and thanks for visiting. Oh and in case the Times doesn’t credit it, the “Rock” picture is courtesy of Brian Hickman Photography.

And for the musicians in the audience, please check out the forum at LittleRockMusician.com

2 thoughts on “Welcome Arkansas Times Readers”

  1. Great site! I’m looking forward to following your thoughts and photos of our great city. Maybe more folks will follow the blog trend now. It really is an innovative way to connect with people. It’s also very addictive in a voyeuristic way . . . peaking into someone’s life . . . not sure I’m brave enough to “put it all out there” just yet. I’ll just read about yours for now.

  2. Congrats on your article in the Arkansas Times. Lets see if you remember me from the odd circle of friends, amy,jason,roy… Your guitar collection is amazing…

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