There Went the Rain Again

The weather today is fabulous. The weather Friday was amazing. Saturday and Sunday…unending spittles of cold rain. Zoe had a couple of days of adventure as she ran off through the neighborhood to escape the thunderstorm. She has a severe case of thunder-phobia. Matt put up signs on Friday and a woman called on Saturday with a Zoe sighting on Kavanaugh. Thankfully he found her. She slept most of the weekend.

Matt and I made a lame attempt at having a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, but with the weather and the holiday, people stayed away in droves. Oh well. More cheese and beer for me.

I spent Sunday compiling tracks for the numerous volumes of Mix CDs I’m preparing for many many people. However when I hit the Big Red Button to start the first burn, my machine old me I have no writer. The new CDRW drive I got from Ben is clearly marked “CDRW” so I’m not sure what the problem is. Probably some driver crap. Pooter.