Karma in Action

Some weeks ago I happened upon several copies of World Party’s Egyptology for sale super-cheap at Hasting’s in Conway. 50 cents each to be exact. AND, each copy had a World Party Best-Of sampler attached to it. So two discs, a quarter each. Fabulous albums. I knew that these CDs needed to go to the right homes, so I offered them free to the first takers on the Jellyfish mailinglist. I didn’t even charge for postage. I did it for no other reason than generosity and the fact that seeing great albums sitting in the bargain bins hurts my soul.

One of the lucky winners was a bootleg trader and offered me anything from his collection as a thank you. I chose a DVD of the Grays live at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia. This DVD is so marvelous. I got it tonight and as I’ve been watching it, I realized that I was being karmically rewarded for my acts. The cost of buying and mailing all those CDs was easily worth paying for this DVD. So there you go. Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment weren’t kidding.

Also, in case you weren’t aware, new Tori album coming out soon: