Studio Time

I spent Friday evening, all Saturday and some of Sunday at Barry Poynter’s home studio in my neighborhood. Pictures in the new plog. Superflux has been recording demos of our original songs, as well as some covers for club demo purposes. It was a neat experience – I learned a lot about the recording process, and my own musical abilities (or lack thereof). Turns out the first Sugarbomb record was recorded at the studio, so I was all pop-nerd excited about that. Barry burned me a copy of it.

On Sunday, I found an incredibly cool house, and I’m going to go make an offer on it today. Also, Jessica and I went to see the new Jean-Pierre Jeunet/Audrey Tatou film A Very Long Engagement. It’s a sweeping World War I mystery drama. It’s every bit as good as their last work, Amelie, but not an outright comedy. More like Cold Mountain but not nearly so cold.

On Friday night I had dinner with my dad. He brought me 12″ Star Wars figures of bounty hunter 4-LOM and Princess Leia in the Jabba Dancer bikini. I’m not sure how I feel about owning something like that. It feels dirty. He also gave me a Star Wars comic and a Kid Colt comic, as well as an Empire Strikes Back glass. It’s like 1983 all over again…