Another Full Weekend

I forgot to mention the new plog.

Friday night I met my new cousin, Scott. He’s 32, lives in Conway, and is married with 3 kids. He’s working on a master’s degree in history at UCA.

Scott was put up for adoption by my aunt Cindy when he was born. He grew up in Cabot mostly. He never thought much about tracking down his real mother, although her knew her name. A few months ago, he saw her name in a UCA donor list (her alma mater as well as his). He’s a lot like his mom – big Democrat, and an impatient driver who attempts to school other motorists in proper technique (must be in the blood).

Anyway, we had a birthday party for him at aunt Cindy’s house. He and his wife have the same birthday. There were two cakes – one for them, and one for Scott’s “first” birthday. He has two daughters and a son, and they’re all adorable. They are so much like the rest of us, I can’t even tell you. DNA does make a difference. Since Cindy has five siblings I had to make Scott a chart. Hopefully he’ll be able to make it to a McCorkindale Thanksgiving or Christmas to meet the remainder of us weirdos. So far the only blood he has met are his mom, his half-sister Clara, uncle Barry, my brother and I.

The weekend also featured a reunion of the Harrison gang over at Brian’s house. Mostly we all ate meals, watched Stephen perform, and wandered aimlessly through town. Then we watched Mallrats and Goonies and drank. It’s really our little version of the American Dream.

Oh, and here are Brian’s pictures from our trip to Scott, Arkansas.