Radio Radio

John Lee is a genius. He’s the morning guy on FM 101.1 The River, the only radio station in Little Rock that I can stand. He’s probably better known to the rest of the world as Amy Lee‘s dad. I’ve met him a few times; he would come to the music store I used to work at in Maumelle. Great guy. Anyway, he’s one of the few DJ’s here that can still create his own playlist on the fly. He’s not limited to the same damn 20 songs over and over; a consequence of the station’s format: oldies. If the weather is rainy, he’ll play rainy day songs (this may sound like a given for older folks but today that kind of freedom is unfortunately rare in radio). Yesterday morning as the torrential rainstorm was coming down, John was reading a spot for some roofers, and I thought to myself, “you know, John, you should play ‘Fixing a Hole’ by the Beatles right now.”

And he did.