The Liberal Media at Work

OK this is pretty sick:

Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of the largest chain of television stations in the nation, plans to air a documentary that accuses Sen. John Kerry of betraying American prisoners during the Vietnam War, a newspaper reported Monday.

The network has ordered all 62 of its stations to air “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal” without commercials in prime-time next week, the Washington Post said, just two weeks before the Nov. 2 election.

More on the liberal media here.

Now, I’m all for equal time for candidates and an informed electorate, but the only way to balance this thing out would be for them to run leftist propaganda like Fahrenheit 9/11. Either way, it would seem illegal that the head of the chain can just order network affiliates to run programming whenever he wants. These are network affiliates who have agreements with their networks and their own local programming already scheduled months in advance. Now they’re being forced to air something because their whack-job top brass gets a wild hair and decides they want to air something? This is a gross abuse of power.

In other news, Jacques Derrida and Superman died over the weekend. So without the Nietzschean über-mensch and the father of Deconstructionism, what ever will modern philosophy do?