Dogs and Cats Riding in Limousines

Further compounding the blunt-force trauma to the soul that I received last night as described in the journal entry below, I also happened upon a television program on Bravo about Miami plastic surgeons. I thought to myself, “hey I wonder if my client Dr. Salomon is on that show? Nah, that’d be too weird.”

As I am quickly learning, nothing in the modern world can ever be too weird.

Dr. Jhonny Salomon (not to be confused with Dr. Johnny Salomon, or Dr. Johnny Solomon, or Dr. Johnny Salamon – don’t click the links, I’m just helping optimize him for multifarious misspellings) is in fact being featured on this show on Bravo called Miami Slice. He’s a plastic surgeon in Miami and the show is another in a series of reality shows that goes beyond the usual Lifetime or MTV plastic surgery case studies, and into the personal lives of the doctors themselves. The show throws in a healthy dose of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous/Cribs flavor as it shows off the lavish lifestyles of these plastic surgeons. I watched one doctor send his dog to the vet in a limo. I think I was too numbed from the cruel existential irony of the Pat Buchanan episode of Hardball to realize that every hour of television probably provides me with some support for the coming Apocalypse.

An amusing side note is that, in Jhonny’s bio on the Bravo website, Bravo refers to Miami as “a city where true love is often difficult to find.” My soul couldn’t help but cry quietly in the darkness for the plight of lonely plastic surgeons everywhere who are just looking for true love, for something…real.