You Can Make a Difference

Recently I’ve discovered that this web thing was true. The Internet can make a difference in people’s lives. Ross Rice has just informed me that he scored a gig as Peter Frampton’s keyboardist/guitarist in part because the Frampton Organization liked what they saw on his website (which I designed and maintain). Additionally, my other musician web project,, has enabled Jan Cyrka to recently discover that Jeff Beck is a big fan of his. Jan was not previously aware of that, and has thus been residing on cloud 9 for some weeks now, as Jeff Beck is perhaps his primary influence.

So yay me! I don’t do either website for any profit; I just did them for the love, and it’s this sort of thing I get in return. Plus occasional perks (Jan has in the past hooked me up with aftershow passes for Satriani/Vai shows).

In other news, I bought a guitar from Dweezil Zappa! is having a big garage sale.

The guitar I got is an Eddie Van Halen replica from GMW. The white one in the picture. Only $300!! I suspect because of this. I think it’s illegal now to profit from Ed’s trademark stripes. So now I have to sell some guitars to make room. Seriously, there is no more space in my living room for another guitar. So I’m selling my OLP and Jay Turser guitars for $150 each (no cases) to anyone who wants them. They’re amazingly high-quality guitars for the price. Both are gig-able instruments and are comparable in quality to American Fenders (well, the Turser is, but I do use the OLP as a backup guitar in Superflux). More info on the guitars page.

Happy birthdays out to Robin, Tracy and Arika! Three girls to whom I freely pledge my undying devotion despite the vast geographic distances between us.