Fun Facts and Put-Downs

1.) Budget allotted the 9/11 commission to investigate one of the most horrific atrocities in American history: $15 million.

2.) Budget allotted Ken Starr and his flying monkeys during the GOP’s appallingly nasty effort to crucify Bill Clinton because he had mediocre oral sex in the Oval Office: $70 million.
Thanks for some perspective, Mark Morford

Something else I’ve noticed recently:

commie, pinko, leftist, treasonous, pot-smoking hippie, traitor, Bush-hater, environmental wacko, tree-hugger

All terms of derision for liberals. I can’t think of any similar adjectives to describe conservatives. I suspect the reason for this has less to do with liberals’ failings and more to do with conservatives’ skills at name-calling. In fact, if a liberal wanted to resort to ad hominem attacks, I’m not sure what words they would use. Imperialist? Bourgeoisie? Those just don’t have enough bite. Plus they’re too long and many people don’t know what they mean.