G Things

Anybody want a Gmail account? I’ve got some invitations to give away. Also, if anyone wants into Google’s Orkut network, let me know. It’s pretty neat; it’s like Friendster but with more features and it generally is less buggy. I’ve started communities for Incredible Moses Leroy and Linus of Hollywood. So far there are only two members for each, myself and a girl named Jamie from Indiana. She’s got good taste in music. Her livejournal is here.

I forgot to mention, last Saturday I took my first guitar lesson in 14 years. Well, maybe 12 or 13 years, but the weird part for me is that, at 28 I have now been playing guitar for half my life. I feel like I should be better than I am. So I’m taking jazz guitar lessons from Perry Israel at Romco Drums in the Heights on alternating Saturdays.

I still teach students myself, and I just recently got an email from a remarkably attractive woman by the name of Pamela Manning who is looking for lessons. We’ll probably start next week.