Clapton, with an “L”

Yet another new Plog. Aren’t you the lucky ones? All pictures from last weekend’s excursion into the depths of Bryant.

Friday my dad took me to see Eric Clapton, and I was mightily impressed. Slowhand has still got it. I went in assuming he was over-the-hill – I just wanted to see the opening act, Robert Randolph (a gospel lap steel guitar player who rocks it out like Jimi Hendrix), but Eric still has the touch. I did find it interesting that he was rocking a huge arena with several tunes by Robert Johnson (from Eric’s new album of all Johnson tunes). 70 years ago Robert Johnson was playing those same songs in some rusty juke joint not far from Little Rock. A lot can happen in 70 years I guess.

Also Saturday I bought a couple of $3 kiddie keyboards. I’ve been running them through my guitar amp with various effects and they sound awesome!! I wish I knew what brand they were so I could buy more of them.