Weekend Reflections

Good show at Cajun’s on Saturday. Finally we had a decent gig, so Natalie won’t think we’re total losers. Brian the soundguy said she sounded even better than Roy. Plus she brought cookies. Mmmmm…cookies.

Sunday it was rainy. I saw two ambulances on Rodney Parham within 300 yards of each other. One was for a no-injury accident. The other was at a retirement home. Few things are as depressing as seeing an ambulance at a retirement home. In the rain. You’re pretty much assured that someone has died or is very near death.

So I went and got a smoothie. Then I went to Banjo Center, which is evidently where all the guitar-twanging kids go on a rainy day. I guess it’s not the best weather for skateboarding. I bought a bunch of bass and drum magazines for $1.99 each. And I talked to Frank Cox and his kid for a bit.

Last night I watched “The Red Violin” which is a great film about the history of a 300-year old violin. All the stories about its creator and owners makes me wonder if in 200 years someone might make a movie about the life of a vintage Fender strat or something. I wonder about the lives of my guitars sometimes. What secrets are they keeping? What have they seen? Well, only a couple are older than I am…so maybe they haven’t seen or done a whole lot. Although most of them were born on another continent…