Sickness and Good Bass

Is it Cold and Flu Season already? Perhaps it’s the recent temperature drop around here, or maybe it’s because I haven’t been taking my vitamins (Total cereal says it has 100% of my vitamins covered – perhaps it’s all just another lie), but I’ve been sick since Tuesday night. I felt it coming on after leaving the UCA gig. We had the classic no-audience gig for the first time. We were playing a pep rally at UCA (colleges have pep rallies?) and we went on after the peppiness. Evidently there was just enough pep left in everyone to grab their free pizza and evacuate the building. I suspect that the populace of the rally were coerced into attendance by their respective frats and sororities, and once that obligation was fulfilled, they exited post haste. Oh well, we got a paid rehearsal in a big hall. We used the time to goof off as much as possible. I turned my guitar up really loud and played some Steve Vai riffs for my own gratification.


And here’s the new bass player for Superflux, Natalie. She’s a jazzer and a pianist, so she’s like a real musician and stuff. She’s the first bassist we’ve had that seems to really lock in with the bizarre sense of humor that Steve, Cara and I exhibit. Not only does she tolerate our dumb (yet often overly erudite) jokes, she openly participates in them. So that’s a real plus. Not to mention that she has pretty much nailed the tunes in just a few weeks’ time. Plus she’s cuter than Phil or Roy. And they’re both handsome men. Not that I’m gay or anything. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…