Useless Links

Utterly random link #2. This shouldn’t be done. The facial expressions in every picture on this site read very clearly: “KILL ME NOW.”

Utterly random link #3. Go to this page and do a Find on "Rogers, Arkansas." Those crafty liberal, leftist, commie, pot-smoking hippies! Those meddling kids! But this is the best part. Some poor schmuck ranting about Hollywood and how he’s going to only go see movies by Bruce Willis and the Rock rather than go see movies featuring actors with whom he disagrees. God forbid he should make choices based on artistic merit. This guy must really feel unempowered by the world. Sure celebrities are mostly idiots (or worse, they’re normal people), but I’ll trust an actor before I’ll trust a CEO. And here’s why. Something I learned from an actor: Even the villain is the hero of his own story.

I’ve often wondered why Hollywood is so liberal, given that so many in La-La Land are so wealthy (I’d expect them to be conservatives after they’ve made money). But I really believe that good actors (not celebrities, since they’re by definition out of touch with reality) have studied the heart of man more thoroughly than most people. A good actor understands the motivations and churnings of the human animal. It’s not make-believe when a great actor is performing, it’s a work of art. A work of art that says, "here is Man in all his grandeur and folly."

Having worked as an actor (I actually got paid to act – I’m still not sure I was worth it), I’ve learned a great deal from the process of putting yourself in the shoes of another and trying to understand the reasons why people are the way they are. So perhaps by definition good actors have to have bleeding hearts.